UPDATE 1/18/2022:

Welcome back to programs inside the Family Room!
Please make sure you bring your most recent immunization card. We'd love to help people make sure they're up to date with boosters and vaccinations against covid19.

In order to come in, each person must:

-Have no symptoms

-Be currently vaccinated against covid19 if eligible

-Have no positive cases at home

-Have no exposures to someone who tested positive in the past 5 days

Update summer 2021:

Please note that we are requiring proof of covid-19 vaccination (for those 12 and over) upon entrance to the Family Room in an effort to protect children and families and stop the spread of covid19.  

Have questions? call 862-2121 

Email Executive Director Josh Miller:



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We will get through this together! 

The Janet S. Munt Family Room is a unique parent child center providing programs that are accessible to all and flexible enough to meet the needs of our changing community.  

We support connection for parents and families, provide education, promote physical, social, emotional, and linguistic development in children, and nurture a vibrant and diverse community. 
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The Janet S. Munt Family Room is a place that builds healthy, connected communities by supporting families and young children.  



Our vision is that every family is connected, healthy, and strong. 


The Janet S. Munt Family Room is a leader in fostering community and accompanying families as they realize their potential. 


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